Display  Instagram slideshow YouTube videos special offers for customers on existing screens in your venue!

from $64/mo

when paid annually

YouTube videos
& special offers

Instagram slideshow

Realtime slideshow by your Instagram tag.

Your customers experience works for you

People like to share their experience in Instagram — show their photos and mentions to other customers on screens in your venue!

The WOW effect

Customer shares a photo with your tag and it appears on large screen in realtime. Is's exciting!

YouTube videos

Show any YouTube videos on your screens mixing it with Instagram slideshow.

Special announcements

Show banners with your ads, special offers and future events on screens.

Cloud management

Update video playlist and displayed banners on every screen in all venues instantly!

Attract new customers with Instashow!

🔥 5 times cheaper than traditional advertising in Instagram


The average cost per  1,000 views when placing advertising in Instagram

Data for 2017 according to the report AdStage 


The average cost per  1,000 views when using Instashow

Calculated on the example of a small venue

 Let's say your venue is visiting 3,000  / month

 Guests see Instashow and call to action «Tag your photo and see it on this screen» in your venue

 3.5 % of them (100 ) take a photo in your venue and share it to Instagram

 On average Instagram user has 300 followers

 100  × 300  = 30 000  / month

 Instashow plan price / = CPM $2.17

Instashow demos

There are 2 kinds of Instashow: slideshow and single photo.
Branded design — free on all plans!


Instagram feed as a slideshow of several photos changing each other from right to left.


Single photo

Photos broadcasted in the left side of the screen. The right side is used for call-to-action.


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Instashow TV features

Instagram, YouTube & special offers for customers — manage everything at once

Cloud video playlist

Managing videos in venues has never been so easy: just add YouTube URL and this video will be added to playlist on every screens in all venues.

Showing special offers

Do you want to show own banners with special offers, discounts or future event to your customers? Just upload images, setup duration and frequency of showing – and banners will periodically appear over the slideshow.

Customizable timetable

You can set the frequency of showing Instagram feed, YouTube videos and banners with special offers. E.g. show Instagram for 5 minutes and then play random video or show a banner.

Moderate new photos on-the-go via Telegram

Photos pre-moderation

All new customers' photos need to be approved. Once approved — it appears on your screens. Pre-moderation works via Telegram messenger.

Collaborate with your team

Work in the team? Just add your teammates to group chat and moderate new photos together!


Use cross-platform Telegram app and approve photos on the phone, tablet or computer!

Additional features

Filter photos by date

Hide old photos from Instagram slideshow and show only the newest

Selfie contest

You can display top photos by likes count over the slideshow


Block spam, inappropriate content and users


Videos and banners will appear over the Instagram slideshow in random order

Showing priority

You can set the individual frequency of showing for each video and banner

Sound control

You can enable/disable audio for YouTube videos

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